Bismark/Wilson, Baltimore MD, 2014.

Built mixed media pieces are introduced into this exhibition of Michael’s oils, watercolors and drawings.

Mad Dooley Gallery, Beacon NY, 2012.

Five of Michael’s paintings: After the Fall; The Truth Lies Below; Core Sample; Catskill Suite #2; and Lost Reflection, were in this group show.

New Era Gallery, Vinalhaven ME, 2010.

Michael’s landscape painting, Agitation on Indian Creek, 2010, hanging at the entrance.

Bismark/Wilson, Baltimore MD, 2008.

 Layered Alignments: Lost, Found & Filtered.

Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota, Duluth MN, 1999.

Michael Chandler: Landscape + States of Nature

(exhibition traveled)

Tweed Museum of Art Director Martin DeWitt on Michael’s one-man show commented, “Because of Tweed’s commitment to contemporary art, this feature on the career to date … makes perfect sense in the context of the landscape tradition here—Michael’s highly personal approach and unique response to the experience of nature offers an insight that’s new—we revisit places and a sense of time that is long lasting, that is familiar, yet consistent in the unknown character of nature, of curiosity for adventure and discovery.”

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston MA, 1983

Michael Chandler / Brian Eno Collaboration

Following their two-man show at ICA, musician Brian Eno’s article An Evolution of Secret and Forgotten Transitions written on their show for Express explained “… Another procedural shift took place towards the end of making these recordings. It was clarified by the paintings and the working procedures of the painter Michael Chandler. What impressed me about his work was the sense of an evolution of secret and forgotten transitions until the painting radiated a power produced by the complexity of its own history… I felt that this sense of history was the result of Chandler’s accepting and taking advantage of the fact that, in painting, any action made will leave its trace. These works had been through many physical changes, and each one of these left its sometimes-just-perceptible mark, and these marks had in turn become the seeds for other developments.”

Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, New York NY.

Michael Chandler: Wall Reliefs + Paintings + Drawings

Pulitzer prize-winning art critic Holland Cotter wrote for this body of work, “Michael Chandler’s sculpture and painting — and the marriage he effects between the two — operates on a level of privacy unusual in art today. Yet even more than its formal invention and poetry, it is the sense Chandler’s work has of being a personal record, transmuted through long, close attention from specific data into symbol, that makes it both so enigmatic and so appealing.”

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